Fair. Secure. Non custodial. Transparent.

LGO was created with the ambition of bringing a transparent fair and secure environment to allow any kind of investors to trade digital assets.

LGO has developed proprietary technology using cryptography and blockchain to solve key industry problems by design, without compromising the speed and efficiency of our trading platform.





LGO is a trading platform for digital assets with proprietary technology that is robust, stable and secure.

LGO operates a central limit order book with a proprietary matching engine (FIFO).

  • Desktop Application: Clients will have access to the platform through a secure desktop application with a high-quality UI

  • API: Clients will have access the platform via WebSocket or rest API for systematic trading.

Tick size: 10c

Order types: Market, Limit

Hardware integration to ensure user authentication

Security: Client orders that match against themselves are rejected to eliminate wash trading.

We are currently offering BTC / PAX with additional pairs and currencies to be added in the future (ETH, LGO are in the process of being integrated).


To maximize the security of the clients’ funds, LGO has designed a semi-custodial platform. We believe in the separation of trading, digital asset custody, and fiat banking.

Clients on the LGO platform have partial custody of their digital assets at all times with the use of a 2 of 3 multisignature wallet. LGO and a 3rd party clearing firm hold the remaining keys. This means that we cannot move your funds by ourselves, even if we are compromised.

This structure is designed to:

  • Eliminate counterparty exposure to LGO

  • Empower clients with partial self custody

  • Provide safety from platform hacks or outages


LGO is setting a new standard for transparency in the digital assets industry.  We believe in solving the following problems:

  • Poor Data Authenticity: Trade data on LGO is provably transparent and authentic. Market participants can utilize LGO trade data with the assurance that it has not been corrupted.

  • Market Manipulation: LGO’s Transparency Module prevents front running or market manipulation from the exchange.

  • Inequitable Trading: Our platform is built as a level playing field. Whatever the technological infrastructure of our clients, they all have access to the same trading experience and the same information.


Culture of Compliance:
LGO believes that regulation should be embraced in this industry and we are committed to working with regulators in all jurisdictions where we operate.  We believe our clients should operate with the knowledge that we are acting lawfully and in their best interests.

Today we operate in the US and in France, with the following licenses application ongoing:


  • BitLicense through NY DFS (Application Pending)

  • Broker Dealer with FINRA and SEC Registered ATS (Application Pending)

  • Payment Service Provider with French ACPR (Application Pending)

In this context, LGO has implemented rigorous internal policies of compliance which include:

  • Client KYC / AML policies

  • Digital Asset scanning to ensure legitimate sources

  • Market Surveillance Practices to detect illicit activity


To deliver a true client experience, we believe that customer service and relationship management are key and we believe that our clients are our partners.

LGO is building a team of a dedicated team of individuals answering clients requests to make sure we understand their needs, help them onboard to the platform, and work with them to improve their experience on our platform.

Excellence is part of our culture, and everyone at LGO is expected to operate with integrity and diligence. Feel free to contact us anytime!



30 Day avg Volume Or LGO Tokens Stacked (30 Days avg) Maker Fees (%) Taker Fees (%)
0-$1m <10k LGO 0.18% 0.25%
1-$10m 10k-100k LGO 0.10% 0.15%
10-$30m 100k-500k LGO 0.07% 0.10%
30-$50m 500k-1m LGO 0.02% 0.08%
>$50m >1m LGO 0% 0.05%




Transparency of price, volume, & trade data:
verify the orders and trades executed on LGO
thanks to our transparency module.

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